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We’re always looking at things in new ways and coming up with new solutions that build success for our clients. Our artisan employees are innovative, motivated, creative, forward-thinking, and responsive. Generally speaking, the more unique the challenge, the more creative and imaginative the solution. Our clients inspire us to deliver this level of service. We are determined to exceed our clients expectations.

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National Geographic Photo Ark by Joel Sartore   

Concept: Fabricate a rolling exhibit wall for exhibition at multiple zoos

Services: Welding, Graphics, Carpentry

The team at Mecca Design & Production has loved working on this amazing project showcasing powerful photographs of animals by Joel Sartore, inspiring people to care about these animals and hopefully find ways to protect them.

The National Geographic Photo Ark, led by photographer Joel Sartore, is a multiyear effort to document every species living in wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts. And you can help by spreading the word! Learn how you can sound the alarm about species at risk by participating in the #SaveTogether campaign. Species are disappearing at an alarming rate, but together we can help.

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Dallas Zoo Signage

Concept: Create weather resistant, easy to read signage for the exhibits and monorail

Services: Welding, Plasma Cutter, Graphics

Mecca Design & Production crafted and installed custom, 9 x 4 ft., CNC plasma-cut hippos for The Brierley Hippo Encounter inside the Simmons Hippo Outpost at the Dallas Zoo, as well as CNC plasma-cut oxidized steel and wood signage celebrating the donors in the Kiboko Society, who helped bring the new Simmons Hippo Outpost to the zoo.

The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee 

Concept: Outdoor classroom style exhibit

Services used: 3D Printing, Installation, Sculpture, CNC Router, Painting, Graphics

The newly enlarged Elephant Discovery Center at the The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee fills an outdoor learning corridor with life-size wild elephants painted on the brick and concrete walls, an interactive exhibit that explains elephant digestion, and six custom 3D-printed elephants complete with anatomically correct internal skeletal systems in various sizes and poses.

Mecca Design & Production, Inc., a custom exhibit fabrication company based in Dallas, working with Howard+Revis Design of Washington D.C., designed, crafted and installed the outdoor classroom exhibit, part of the Elephant Sanctuary’s educational outreach to help visitors understand more about wild elephants plus how and why elephants are losing their habitats and their lives.

Mecca collaborated with iZone Imaging out of Temple, Texas on all the printed graphics. iZone is internationally recognized as the leader in high performance laminated display prints. This is the second project Mecca has brought in iZone to create the nearly indestructible prints. The exhibits will help students learn more about elephant species, diet, habitats, and social structures.

Capital One Garage

Concept: Design & Build a collaborative workspace

Services: design + fabrication

Mecca Design & Production designed and crafted a new flexible, collaborative work space “Garage” for Capital One’s Digital design team, software engineers and product managers, helping to make the most of its innovation space as they quadruple its size at corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas.

This one-of-a-kind, custom environment incorporates garage doors that slide back and forth on red tracks to partition off different-sized areas, a dissected 1941 vintage car just right for a cozy meeting space or solo brainstorming, and the Activity Area, filled with unique seating areas that people may rush to sit in and call dibs: tables made out of giant Tinker Toys, Erector Set pieces, and Legos.

According to Mecca Design and Production’s Kenneth Mecca, “We love getting to take such a unique project from design to build to installation and create a space our clients only dreamed of. It’s great to transform a space to help creative ideas flourish and inspire greater productivity.”

The Podcast Movement 

Concept: Stage for awards, presenters, and inspiration

Services used: Install/Strike, CNC Router, Carpentry, Graphics

For the 3rd year in a row Mecca Design & Production, Inc. crafted original stages and sets for the Podcast Movement national podcast conference, running August 23 – 25 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Inspired by the thematic Anaheim old-fashioned postcard, the main stages feature multiple layers, starting with a custom-printed fabric for the backdrop and painted, CNC-cut dimensional pieces in front and the signature 3D fist and mic.

All sets, including 6 small ones for breakout sessions, consisted of dimensional pieces that were cut on the CNC router, then painted, with graphics added to the dimensional logos.

Outdoor Libraries, Game Carts, and Solar Pianos 

Concept: Sturdy, weather resistant game carts and rolling libraries for parks.

Services: Welding, Design

We fabricate newspaper and book racks for parks all over the United States. These are versatile pieces that utilize the center of the rack for storage of reading materials. Simply roll these out into the park, load with books, newspapers, and magazines, and you've got a library! 

We also specialize in park signage, and can help bring an overall uniform look to your park space. We are always capable of custom pieces, so let us know your vision and we will make it happen! 

You can find our pieces at awesome parks in: Dallas, TX; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Wake Forest, NC; Newark, NJ; ADD YOUR CITY! Contact us and let us know what you're looking for! 

Game Carts

Rolling Libraries

Solar Pianos

We also craft solar powered pianos for parks. Like rolling libraries, they serve as a great addition to public parks. Bring your community together with live music. Host local musicians to provide ambiance and a peaceful atmosphere in your park. Also great for sing alongs with children, or any other type of performance, play or concert. Solar powered pianos are one of a kind, so let Mecca Design craft the perfect one for you. Let us know you are interested in a solar powered piano, and we will get right to work on providing you with custom colors and design to match your park. 

First Tennessee Bank 

Concept: Giant Piggy Banks

Services used: Sculpture, CNC Router, Painting, Graphics

Mecca Design & Production Sends Five Larger-Than-Life Piggy Banks for 1st Tennessee Bank to Celebrate their 150th Year.

Sculpted by hand from foam, and painted in house.

The penny used for the coin on the piggy banks was routed out of foam using our CNC router.

George Bush Presidential Library & Museum 

Concept #1: Museum Exhibit

Services: Graphics, Fabrication, Install/Strike

Show viewers the inside the campaign trail at The Path to the Presidency Exhibit inside the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, an interactive exhibit produced and installed by Mecca Design & Production in collaboration with Howard + Revis Design.

Concept #2: Custom graphics and vinyl cut letters
to tell the story of presidential love for the game of baseball.

Services: Graphics, Installation

Baseball: "America’s Presidents, America’s Pastime,” open at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the SMU campus, explores the special connection presidents have had with the sport.

Greyhound / Eyecon Murals, inc. 

Concept: To create a mobile museum out of a Greyhound bus.

Services: Carpentry, Fabrication, Graphics, Installation

Celebrating 100 years of history and travel,  the converted bus houses memorabilia, touch-screen displays, videos and more in an artfully designed mobile museum. Mecca Design and Production was proud to work with the artists and designers at Eyecon Murals, Inc. in Dallas to bring the mobile museums to life.

Conan O'Brien

Concept: Make the set for Conan's live shows right here in Dallas!

Services: Painting, Fabrication, Carpentry, Graphics, Install/Strike

Project from March 2014.

Quick-Step Floors

Concept: To create the most stylish flooring trade-show booth ever!

Services: Graphics, Carpentry, Fabrication, CNC, Install/Strike, Painting, Sculpture, Exhibit Storage

We created many unique shapes out of Quick-Step flooring, as well as a giant shoe, and many other props to help them create a fabulous environment to display their floors.

Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Concept #1: Science Flash portable exhibit for the lobby of Perot.
Concept #2: Ornate 3 Dimensional frame to display a car from Sherlock Holmes' era.

Services: CNC Router, Fabrication, Carpentry, Graphics, Painting, Installation

We love making things for the Perot Museum. The intricate design on the frame around the car was all cut designed on the computer & cut out by our CNC Router. Also Pictured: Building the Building exhibit, 3rd Floor Lounge