Award Winning Aesthetic

Mecca Design and Production designs and manufacturers trade-show exhibits, creates brand environments and produces corporate events. We maneuver through design challenges quickly, provide exceptional customer service and deliver a level of finish that rivals even the most demanding visual aesthetic application. Our clients have won best booth time and time again at many esteemed trade-show events in a variety of industries.

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Exhibit Portfolio

Custom exhibits, displays, & trade-show booths.

Event Gallery

 Any type of setting, for any kind of event, launch, or activation.



Whether it be a museum environment, an office environment, or event, Mecca Design can help bring the wildest (or the simplest) dreams to life.


Bring your logo to life!

Custom signs for new logo unveilings, interiors & exteriors.

Setting the Scene

From sets, to drops, to projection screens, we can create anything you need.