Outdoor Libraries, Game Carts, and Solar Pianos 

Concept: Sturdy, weather resistant game carts and rolling libraries for parks.

Services: Welding, Design

We fabricate newspaper and book racks for parks all over the United States. These are versatile pieces that utilize the center of the rack for storage of reading materials. Simply roll these out into the park, load with books, newspapers, and magazines, and you've got a library! 

We also specialize in park signage, and can help bring an overall uniform look to your park space. We are always capable of custom pieces, so let us know your vision and we will make it happen! 

You can find our pieces at awesome parks in: Dallas, TX; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Wake Forest, NC; Newark, NJ; ADD YOUR CITY! Contact us and let us know what you're looking for! 

Game Carts

Rolling Libraries

Solar Pianos

We also craft solar powered pianos for parks. Like rolling libraries, they serve as a great addition to public parks. Bring your community together with live music. Host local musicians to provide ambiance and a peaceful atmosphere in your park. Also great for sing alongs with children, or any other type of performance, play or concert. Solar powered pianos are one of a kind, so let Mecca Design craft the perfect one for you. Let us know you are interested in a solar powered piano, and we will get right to work on providing you with custom colors and design to match your park.