Capital One's New "Garage"

Mecca Design & Production designed and crafted a new flexible, collaborative work space “Garage” for Capital One’s Digital design team, software engineers and product managers, helping to make the most of its innovation space as they quadruple its size at corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas.

This one-of-a-kind, custom environment incorporates garage doors that slide back and forth on red tracks to partition off different-sized areas, a dissected 1941 vintage car just right for a cozy meeting space or solo brainstorming, and the Activity Area, filled with unique seating areas that people may rush to sit in and call dibs: tables made out of giant Tinker Toys, Erector Set pieces, and Legos.

According to Mecca Design and Production’s Kenneth Mecca, “We love getting to take such a unique project from design to build to installation and create a space our clients only dreamed of. It’s great to transform a space to help creative ideas flourish and inspire greater productivity.”