Mecca Design and Production offers a full set of design and production services. Starting with the design stage, through the fabrication stage and into the delivery and logistics stages we deliver highly-configurable and fully-customizable exhibits as well as portable exhibits. We offer installation and dismantle services, rental properties, exhibit storage and logistics services. Contact us today for a proposal for your next event.

Time Management

We know your time is valuable. Our core capabilities give you
the opportunity to turn over your entire face-to-face marketing program to us. At Mecca Design and Production our services
are integrated with the design, production and logistics stages providing you with a seamless
and custom-tailored experience that is delivered on time and on budget.

Forward Thinking

We are always looking at things in new ways and coming up with new solutions that build success for our clients. Our artisan employees are innovative, motivated, creative, forward-thinking, and responsive. Generally speaking, the more unique the challenge, the more creative and imaginative the solution. Our clients inspire us to deliver this level of service. We are determined to exceed our clients expectations.

Proven Solutions

We work with design and architecture firms, museums, advertising agencies, commercial/film production agencies and corporations. Our clients are the most important aspect of our business. We are recognized as one of the most
well respected companies in
our industry. Let Us Create Something For You.

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Snowflakes in the lobby of the Perot Museum

CNC Router Services

We offer full CNC Routing capabilities with a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, medium-density fiberboard, polycarbonate and even Styrofoam. We can handle any type of request and offer in-house 3D design services to help you realize your vision.  Alongside our CNC Routing capabilities we specialize in creating molds for our Vaccuform capabilities and can create duplicates of your original 3D model in a variety of plastics and finishes.


Materials that can be routed include:

  • MDF

  • HDPE

  • Sintra

  • PVC

  • foam

  • Delrin

  • Lexan (polycarbonate)

  • carbon fiber

  • acrylic

  • UHMW

  • Corian

  • non-ferrous metals

Welding Services

We have an extensive welding fabrication shop in house. Utilizing slip rollers, roll benders, plasma cutting, brazing, MIG & TIG welding, metal lathe, a 10' shear, and more, we can build you the custom item that you need.

Welding services available out of steel or aluminum. Building of turn key products and one off custom pieces. High end paint finishes or powder coating. Projects can also be hand painted or made for vinyl graphic applications.

We have a Burn Table (CNC Plasma Cutter) to cut precise, custom shapes for your project.

 Rolling Library Racks for Klyde Warren Park. Click image for more information about what we create for PARKS.

Rolling Library Racks for Klyde Warren Park. Click image for more information about what we create for PARKS.

Larger than Life Sculpture, Miniatures, & Model Building


Foam Sculpture fabrication can help with your needs for:

  • Advertising
  • Architectural Features
  • Trade Shows
  • Faux Landscape
  • TV / Movie / Theater Sets
  • Signage
  • Themed Environments
  • Special Events
  • Nightclubs / Restaurants
  • Fine Art Replication
  • Holiday's
  • Theme Parks / Hotels


Mecca Design does foam sculpture work for movie sets and theater sets, themed environments, and commercial scenery sets. We do work for many business owners; such as trade-show displays, store window displays, signs, marketing displays, corporate displays and billboards. We can make architectural shapes, kids theme rooms, faux landscapes, unique props, and faux brick or stone walls.

Props & more...

...So Many Applications

Haunted Houses, weddings, proms, homecomings, theme props. Water park/amusement parks: tiki statues, 3D signs, dragon heads, skulls, etc. Churches: displays for Easter, Christmas, or a parade float. Nightclubs/Restaurants might be interested in our interior foam sculpture ideas to take that flat wall space and turn it into something 3D and eye catching.

Custom Prints on a Variety of Materials


Mecca Design has its own in house print shop and provides graphic design, installation, & print services.

Services available include but not limited to:

  • Wide Format Printing
  • Mounting & Laminating
  • Cut Vinyl
  • Wallpaper Vinyl


Carpentry at Mecca Design


We are your builder for custom items of any kind. Set and scenery construction by master carpenters; cabinet making, using solids, veneers and laminates.


Built to break-down;

built for durability.


Scenic Painting, Faux finishes, Trompe-l'oeil


We have an in house spray booth for intricate paint jobs, using water based paint, acrylic, automotive paint, etc. Any surface that you need: metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, we know how to paint it.

3D Printing for Modeling, Prototypes, or just for fun


Our 3D Printer has a build volume of 9" x 11" x 11", one of the largest desktop 3D print build sizes available. We can do modeling, prototyping, small amounts of manufacturing, and even larger scale projects by splicing the file into "puzzle pieces" and glueing it together. 

There is a wide range of materials available:

Contact us to see if we can help you with your 3D printing needs!

3D Printed Elephants for the Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee 


Our vaccuform capabilities are quite extensive. We have two vaccuform machines. One large format and one smaller format. We can vaccuform various plastics and can create positive and negative molds. We have experience working with various materials and forms to get the proper aesthetic.

What is vaccuforming?

Vacuum forming is a process where sheets of plastic are heated to the point that they become pliable, allowing them to be formed around a plug or male mold. Vacuum forming is economical because plastic is cheaper than some of the alternatives such as sheet metal, fiberglass, and plastic injection molding.

Exhibit Storage

Ensure your trade show display investment is secure and ready for your next event by storing your crates in our warehouse!

This includes a service where your exhibit is received, inspected, inventoried and repacked before being stored. 

We provide storage for crated, uncrated and palletized components and lock-up storage for client-owned items that need securing, such as premiums, literature and audiovisual equipment.